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Double Herringbone Bracelet with Superduo Beads Tutorial

Double Herringbone BraceletHow about another herringbone bracelet made with Superduo beads?  This video tutorial shows you how to use these cool beads in a bracelet project that has you seeing double.  😉

I’m glad that I bought a whole bunch of the Superduo beads when I found them on sale, so I can continue making new projects!

What’s Double Herringbone?

Well, I probably just made up the title to fit this project.  I call it double herringbone for two reasons.

  1. There are two columns of herringbone running lengthwise.
  2. There is a fringe that has a herringbone look to it.

In any case, it’s a fun project, and it actually does work up pretty fast.  It’s more substantial than my original herringbone Superduo bracelet tutorial, so if you want something a little more eye-catching, this may be it for you.  🙂

Supplies and Video Tutorial

Of course, you will need plenty of Superduo beads for this project.  The bracelet I made is about 7.5″, and it used about 20 grams of the beads.  And another sun bead you’ll use is the 4x7mm magatama beads.

Click the video icon and it will expand to a normal size.  Then click again and it magically begins playing.  😉

Superduo BraceletAs far as supplies go, you will need the following:

  • 10 grams Superduo beads, Ruby Luster
  • 10 grams Superduo beads, Copper Turquoise
  • 12 grams 4x7mm Magatama beads, Platinum
  • 2 grams size 11 seed beasds, permanently galavanized silver
  • Clasp of your choice (I use a magnetic tube clasp in the video)
  • 4 jump rings, 3.5mm inside diameter
  • Thread of your choice (I am using One-G in the video in Beige)
  • Size 11 beading needle (size 12 would also work)
  • Scissors and/or thread burner
  • Beeswax or micro-crystalline wax to make the thread “stickier”

I rarely use beeswax or other thread conditioners, but I found it to be necessary for this project.  The Superduo beads get very slippery while you are doing the double row of herringbone.  I tried it several times without using the micro-crystalline wax, then finally gave up and waxed my thread.  Ahhh, success!   Just don’t use Thread Heaven for this project, because Thread Heaven doesn’t make the thread “grab” the beads.

I hope that you have enjoyed this video!  Please go ahead and check out all the other neat projects and tutorials on this site…and get beading!

Superduo Bracelet Tutorial – Herringbone Style

Herringbone Bracelet Using Superduo BeadsThis superduo bracelet tutorial features the herringbone beading weave.  Right now, the Czech Superduo beads are all the rage, but what can you do with them?  They are two-holed beads, so they can’t be used in traditional weaves.  Or can they?

This bracelet shows that the herringbone weave for beading can quite nicely accommodate the new 2-hole beads.  What’s more, it works up very quickly, especially when done 2 beads across.

If you’d like to make your own bracelet, you’ll find a supply list and the video tutorial below.  🙂

First, a Review of the Beads

Superduo BeadsHere’s a quick review of the beads.  These are from the Czech Republic and they have an unusual shape.  Overall, you could call them oval-shaped, but in profile they are raised in the center and tapered on the end.

Note:  There are three (at the time of this writing) “versions” of the Superduo; the original and two variants.  The variants are thicker on the ends, instead of being tapered.  And while they are very nice beads in their own right, they are not necessarily interchangeable with the Superduos.  The most common one that I have seen is called the Twin bead, and it’s made by the Czech firm Preciosa.

The colors of the Superduos include neon (a few of which are in the photo), as well as traditional colors and some of the new color treatments like Vega, Picasso, Travertine and many others.

Now on to the supply list and tutorial!

Supply List and Video Tutorial

Here are the supplies that you will need for the bracelet in the tutorial, as well as the colors in the other two examples I have in the video.

And of course, when you are done watching, please take a look at some of the other videos and projects on this website!  In particular the Basics page and the Project Tutorials pages have lots more to see and do!  😀

Video Project Supplies

  • 10 grams Superduo beads, Chalk Travertine
  • < 2 grams magatama beads, Bronze
  • < 2 grams size 11 seed beads, turquoise colorlined clear
  • Thread of your choice (I used One-G in Beige)
  • Clasp of your choice (I used a magnetic clasp)
  • Beading needle, size 11 or 12 suggested
  • Scissors
  • Thread Burner (totally optional)

Three ExamplesDouble Herringbone Example

  • 10 grams Superduo beads, Turquoise
  • 10 grams Superduo beads, Black
  • < 2 grams size 11 seed beads, topaz AB
  • < 3 grams size 6 seed beads, copper-color
  • Thread of your choice (I used One-G in Beige)
  • Clasp of your choice (I used a copper toggle clasp)
  • Beading needle, size 11 or 12 suggested
  • Scissors
  • Thread Burner (totally optional)

Example With Corrugated Copper Breads

  • 10 grams Superduo beads, Aqua Apollo Gold
  • < 2 grams size 11 seed beads, topaz AB
  • 40 – 50 3mm beads, copper
  • Thread of your choice (I used One-G in Beige)
  • Clasp of your choice (I used a copper magnetic clasp)
  • Beading needle, size 11 or 12 suggested
  • Scissors
  • Thread Burner (totally optional)

Peyote Ring Video Tutorial 3 – SuperDuos Again!

Tailored Band RingHere’s the third free video tutorial for making peyote rings using SuperDuo beads.  This time it’s a little different style from the other two, and it has a more traditional / classic look to it.

Whereas previously in video 1 and video 2 you had been constructing the ring vertically, this time you will do it horizontally.  It’s a little trickier to start, but it’s still pretty easy — not to mention a whole lot of fun!

Why SuperDuo beads and not just regular seed beads?  Mainly because I bought a ton of the 2-hole beads (SuperDuo, Rulla, Brick, etc.) and I wanted to be able to really use them!

The two-hole beads coming out of the Czech Republic have so many neat colors, and they also seem to be just right for using with peyote beading.  Well, herringbone as well, if you watch my bracelet videos, LOL.

Video and Supplies

Supplies are the same as the last video — SuperDuo beads, size 11 seed beads, beading needle and beading thread.

You’ll need more SuperDuo beads this time, and less in the way of size 11 seed beads.

So, there you have it — three rings, all a bit different, but using SuperDuos.  I hope that you have enjoyed the videos, and that they inspire you to create your own rings!