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Beaded jewelry is so much fun, any way you look at it.  It’s exciting to wear — just rub your fingers across those beads!  The beads move and sway — they catch your eye, as well as those of the people around you.

Beaded jewelry can also be really fun to make.  Just think about it — some beads, a needle and thread is all it takes for a lot of beaded jewelry.  Of course the more techniques you learn, the more supplies and tools you’ll use.

Buying Beaded Jewelry

There are times that you’ll probably want to make your own, but there are also times to buy some.  For example, maybe you want something sensational and different.  Or maybe you don’t seem to have the time you’d like for beading.

Never fear, I have some jewelry that I’ve made, that’s ready for purchase.   I have a store on Etsy — click here to enter my store.

You’ll see that I have a wide range of styles and colors — so you’re sure to find something for yourself, or a special someone.  :)   So please, feel free to browse and enjoy.

Jewelry Tutorials

Bead Embroidery Bracelet Tutorial -- "Perchance to Dream"

If you have the time and the inclination, I have some ebook tutorials that you can take a look at.  They cover a range of projects, from bead embroidery, to wire work to beadwork to viking knit – phew!  And I am always adding to the ebooks I offer.

So, if you’d like to say that you made it yourself, then why not treat yourself to a tutorial or two?

Click to find my current project tutorials.

And if there is a technique that I haven’t covered, please feel free to make some suggestions — I’m always trying to think up new projects!

Most of the projects take few tools, but some of them are a little more complex and need a few more.  But all the necessary tools are easy to locate.

So relax, enjoy and…

…Bead Happy!

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