SuperDuo Ring – Peyote Video Tutorial – Ring Style 1

Peyote SuperDuo RingEver wanted to know how to make a peyote ring made with SuperDuo beads?  If you said “You bet!” then you’re in the right spot.  I have not only one but THREE FREE videos on using SuperDuo beads with the peyote beading stitch.

Tutorial 1:  Flat Peyote

In this video, I teach you about making a ring with just a plain flat peyote.  If you’re not familiar with SuperDuo beads, they are relatively recent, from the Czech Republic, and they have two holes (not just one).

This first video teaches you the most basic set of steps for making a ring.  It’s easy and pretty fast, too.  If you’re not familiar with using SuperDuo (or have never used them with peyote beading), then this is the perfect intro for you.

And finally — you don’t need a lot of beads in order to make the ring.  That’s especially nice if you have some odds and ends from other projects, or you just don’t want to buy a lot to start out.

Video Below!

As far as supplies, you’ll need a beading needle (I used a size 11), beading thread and some SuperDuo beads.  That’s it!

I hope you enjou this video.  And remember, I have two more rings to suit your fancy (not to mention your fingers).  🙂

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