Video Tutorial – Making Wrapped Loops and Eyepins

At some point in beaded jewelry, you’ll need to use wrapped loops and eyepins.  And while you can buy the eyepins easy enough, you have to do the wrapped loops yourself.

If you already know how to do them, it’s no big deal.  However, if you’re not sure or if your loops seem crooked, then read on and watch the free video on making wrapped loops and eyepins.

Video Tutorial and Notes on the Earrings

In the beginning of the video tutorial I show a pair of earrings for an example of what you can do with wrapped loops.  I didn’t show how to make the earrings as a whole (just mentioned what I used when I did a demo on making double-wrapped loops).  But, I think I will do a quickie tutorial on making the same style earrings in the next week or so.  Meanwhile, if you want to make these earrings, the supplies needed are:

  • 2 earring findings, copper
  • 6 glass rondells, 6mm, amber-colored
  • 12 glass rondells, 4mm light topaz AB
  • 4 jumprings, copper
  • 5 copper beads, 5mm
  • 14 copper beads, textured, 4mm
  • 6 headpins, copper
  • Copper wire, 24 gauge

The video is only around 16 minutes long, so it won’t take up a lot of your time.  However, I hope you feel it is time well-spent!

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All that being said, here’s the video tutorial.  Enjoy!

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