Starflower Earrings Video Tutorial

Starflower EarringsThis Starflower video tutorial with Superduo beads came about because I had bought a bunch and then…what do I actually do with them?  The shape seemed to lend itself well to right angle weave, but I wasn’t sure that was the direction I wanted to go.  Hmmm, why not just play around and see what happens?

So I started with right angle weave, then decided to go another way altogether.  Voila!  The starflower was born!

About Superduo Beads

The Superduo beads are from the Czech Republic, and they have two holes instead of one.  They are also somewhat oval in shape; between the shape and the two holes.  The size is 2.5mm x 5mm, and it seems like these seed beads can be incredibly versatile.

I have to hand it to the Czech beadmakers — they have really come a long way in the last few years.  The different shapes they are coming out with, and the color combinations they are dreaming up are absolutely to die for!

Very recently they’ve come out with some neon colors, which is the pair I feature in the video.  I just couldn’t resist!Doubled Starflower EarringsStarflower Earrings with Superduo Beads

Not a fan of actually wearing neon colors?  Not to worry, the Superduo beads come in more traditional colors, as well as beautiful marbled, metallic and half-coated colors.

Oh, and I also used dagger beads with these earrings in the video beading tutorial.  You can of course skip the daggers or use some other kid of bead or charm in its place.  As you can see in the photo to the left, I have one pair where I used a beaded headpin in place of the dagger.

Video Tutorial

First is the video tutorial, then below are the complete list of supplies needed to make any one of the earrings on this page.

Before I get to the supplies, one word about the needle and thread that I used in the demo.  Typically I use Fireline as my thread of choice, but the Superduo beads can have the thread show at times.  So, this time I have used One-G thread, as it comes in a multitude of colors (although sadly not any are neon).

For the beading needle, I am a big fan of size 11 needles.  The eye of the needle is easier for me to see to thread, and the thickness is suited to most projects.  You can use a size 12 with these earrings, but I wouldn’t really suggest a size 10 — although it is possible.

Supplies Needed for the Earrings

In addition to the standard needle, thread, scissors and a pair of pliers for the earring findings, here are the supplies for each of the three earrings.

Neon Earrings

  • 8 Superduos, neon green
  • 12 Superduos, neon pink
  • 2 Dagger beads, 15x5mm, neon yellow
  • < 1 gram size 11 seed beads, purple colorlined crystal
  • 2 beaded earring findings in silver-filled

Green and Purple Single Starflower Earrings

  • 8 Superduos, ruby luster
  • 12 Superduos, crystal vega
  • 2 Dagger beads, 15x5mm, peacock colors on antique gold
  • < 1 gram size 11 seed beads, seafoam colorlined crystal
  • 2 earring findings in gold-filled

Turquoise and Pink Double Starflower Earrings

  • 16 Superduos, turquoise
  • 24 Superduos, ruby luster
  • 2 beaded headpins, closed with a wrapped loop.
  • < 1 gram size 11 seed beads, permanently galvanized silver
  • 12 round beads, 4mm, amethyst AB
  • 2 earring findings in silver-filled

I hope that you enjoy making (and wearing!) your new earrings.  Make ’em in a ton of different color combos.

In the next week or so, I will also have another video that shows how to make starflowers into a bracelet!  So if that tickles your fancy, get busy and create around 10 starflowers (without daggers or bales) in preparation.  😀

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