How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet – Video Tutorial

How to Make a Memory Wire BraceletHere’s a video tutorial for making a memory wire bracelet.  I love “instant gratification” projects, and this style of jewelry fits the bill nicely!  It’s quick, easy and fun, and also requires few tools.

What is Memory Wire?

Memory wire is called such because it’s a hard wire that retains its shape very well.  Typically it’s made from steel of some type and has lots of spring to it.

Because it’s a hard, springy wire, it doesn’t deform easily.  This means threethings:

  • It won’t collapse on your wrist.
  • It’s harder to manipulate to make end loops.
  • To cut the wire, you need a wire cutter specially made doe cutting memory wire.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make end loops; only that you have to put a little more effort into it to close the loop.  (But the good news is that you only need to make simple loops, and don’t have to wrap the ends on the bracelet.)

I want to emphasize that you really do need a pair of wire cutters that is designed to be used with memory wire.  This stuff is really hard, and I guarantee you will damage your regular wire cutters if you try them.  (Yes, I disregarded the warning the first time…and yes, I trashed that pair of wire cutters.)

Memory Wire Video Tutorial – How to Make a Bracelet

Memory Wire BraceletIn order to make the bracelet you see to your left, you will need the following supplies:

  • Memory wire in a bracelet size.  (It comes in a package of between 25 and 100 “rounds”, and there are two sizes for bracelets, small and large — choose whatever is best for you.)
  • A selection of beads in various sizes.  In the example I have fire polished beads of different shapes, crystal pearls and some Czech round beads.
  • Size 8 seed beads, your choice of color.  I used a permanently galvanized silver color.
  • Memory wire cutter.
  • Pair or round nose pliers.

Note:  If you want to make the dangles, you’ll also need two headpins (2 or 3 inches) and perhaps another pair of flat or chain nose pliers for the wrapped loops on the headpins.

Update:  One of my readers mentioned something  that I should have talked about in the video, so I wanted to make a quick note.  When you’re making the wrap bracelet, it’s best to make your wrap at least 1.5 times around your wrist, for security.  I used very lightweight beads in my demo, but if you use heavier beads, please think of cutting the memory wire so that it wraps at least twice.  (Thanks, Maria!)

And remember to check out some related tutorials!  They include the wrapped loops, simple loop bracelet tutorials.  (And of course don’t forget the projects page for more advanced work.)

Enjoy!  🙂

12 Responses to How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet – Video Tutorial

  • Andrene says:

    Great tutorial on the memory wire bracelet – thanks! I have made a multiple strand bracelet before and found that after several wears it stretched out of the original shape. Suggestions? And is there one memory wire brand thats better? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrene,

      Thanks for your comment — glad you liked the video. 🙂 I have used a couple different brands of memory wire, and they all pretty much are the same (at least for me). Then again, they are also inexpensive to make — at the time I am writing this, I can buy a pack that has 25 coils for around $2.50 at my local bead store.

      If you really want something sturdier, you can try finding some thicker steel wire and try bending it yourself, but for me that’s more trouble than it’s worth — I’d rather spend my time making jewelry than bending steel! 🙂

      Thanks again and happy beading!

  • Maria says:


    Just a quick comment. I’ve made plenty of same type of memory wire bracelets like you have pictured and one to thing to remember is to use a little more wire which would result in a full turn of wire and 3/4 more. I hope that makes sense. I’ve made these for myself (and others) and have found that even a simple shake of the wrist can cause it to fall off. This is especially frustrating when you’ve used glass beads and they break. Otherwise love your website, love your tutorials and looking forward to seeing more!


    • admin says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, it is possible to snag the memory wire, so you have a good point. Typically I don’t make them with just one wrap when I make them to wear for myself.

      So, folks — keep Maria’s comment in mind when making your own. 🙂


  • Donna Rambis says:

    😳 So beautiful bracelets

  • Janet says:

    What brand of seed beads do you use? I got the galvanized silver size 8 seed beads that you suggested. I received them and they are cylinder shaped, but I wanted the round shape like you have in the video. I’m disappointed.

    • admin says:

      Hi Janet,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t get what you wanted, but you will end up finding a use for them at some point. 🙂 My favorite seed beads are by Toho. If you buy galvanized, please get permanently galvanizedd beads, or the color may run off. It sounds like you ended up getting either Delicas or long tube Japanese beaads. One nice place that has tons of quality seed beads is

      Best wishes, and hope you have fun beading!


  • Nancy says:

    What gauge wire do I need for the bracelets and where is the best place to order it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Memory wire doesn’t really have gauges like other kinds of wire. I tend to get mine on Amazon but you can probably also find it at stores like Joann and Michael’s. I have another video on the kinds of memory wire — that may help you to decide what kind of wire you want to get. The video is here:

      Hope this helps!!! 😀


  • Michele Croteau says:

    Where did you get the round nose pliers that say “India” with the diamond insignia? Also, what is the gauge of the memory wire for the bracelets you made on the video tutorial?


    • admin says:

      Hi Michele,

      I got those round-nose pliers at least 10 years ago, so I don’t remember where I got them! I wish I did remember, because I’d buy another pair myself. 🙂

      As to the wire gauge for the memory wire, it’s pretty much all one gauge. I do have a video which has more indepth information on memory wire types — it may help you to decide what is best for you.

      Best wishes, and happy beading!


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