Beadweaving Earrings Tutorial #1

Earrings, “Double-Take”

One thing I love about beadweaving is that it tends to be very quick to work.  And beadweaving earrings are especially fast!  And although I love bead embroidery, there are times when it’s so soothing to get into the rhythm of weaving with beads.

So with that in mind, here’s tutorial number one for my earring beadweaving series.

Earrings Galore

I’ve worked on three designs for this tutorial.  All three are based on the same idea, just worked in different ways to give different looks.

To the right you see the earring design I called “Double-Take”.  This design is two-sided, with a different (but similar) pattern on each side.  This makes sure that no matter how your earrings show, they show a neat design.

I also have two other designs in the tutorial; “Pearl Staircase” and “Cosmic Sparkle”.  The “Pearl Staircase” is a little more on the casual side, while “Cosmic Sparkle’ is definitely Bling (with a capital B).

But the great part is that any of the earrings can be dressed up or down, based on the kinds of beads that you use.

 What You Will Learn

Earrings, “Cosmic Sparkle”

In the 25 pages of the Beadweaving Earrings1 tutorial, you’ll learn lots, including the following.

  • Instructions for three earring patterns — “Pearl Staircase”,”Double-Take” and “Cosmic Sparkle”.  Naturally, you’ll get a full supply list, including the seed bead color numbers.
  • Creating a basic ladder stitch, as well as a modified ladder stitch.
  • How to embellish the basic pattern.
  • Ideas for alternate designs.

There are lots of up-close photos, so you can see exactly where your needle should be going, and how to accomplish the stitches.  Although the instructions are easy to understand, there are times when a picture is worth a thousand words!

Getting the Tutorial

Earrings, “Pearl Staircase”

Your tutorial is delivered as an ebook, so it’s an immediate download. This means you can satisfy your “need to bead” at any time of day or night!

(Keep in mind that while you’re not getting a paperback copy in the mail, it also means that you don’t have to wait for the mailman — yay!) Also, because of the nature of this tutorial, there are no refunds. But I’ve tried my best to over-deliver for you!

The Beadweaving Earrings tutorial is just $5, and you’ll get detailed instructions (and photos!) for making the earrings “Pearl Staircase”, “Double-Take” and “Cosmic Sparkle”.  And of course, you will get a full supply list.

So click the “Add to Cart” button below and you’re on your way to making your earring tutorial.  It’s secure and you can safely pay with any major credit card. You’ll receive the download link in an email right after you place your order.

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