Right Angle Weave Tutorial

The right angle weave beading stitch is something that many people have problems with.  The path of the needle and thread through the beads isn’t exactly intuitive.  I started creating an ebook tutorial, then I decided that it would be easier to just make a right angle weave video tutorial so you could watch me!

Advantages of Right Angle Weave

The biggest advantage in my opinion is that it is the perfect beading stitch for embellishments.  The right angle weave (also called RAW) creates a netting effect, and the spaces between the net make a wonderful place to put pearls, crystals, and all manner of neat goodies!

RAW is also a very flexible stitch, and the drape of the resulting “fabric” is luxurious.  You can make it as dense as you wish (each cell containing 4 size 15 seed beads) to very open (multiple beads in a cell and/or larger bead sizes).

Speaking of bead sizes, RAW is excellent for making a quick set of earrings.  If you use 6mm beads for each unit, you can also whip up a bracelet or even a necklace in next to no time.

Many people do the right angle weave beading stitch using seed beads, but I like to explore new options by using different kinds of beads.  After all, that’s what beading is about — making one-of-a-kind projects!

Video Tutorials

On this page are two videos that show you how to do right angle weave.  You’ll probably want to watch them all the way through once before you grab your needle and thread.

I also have a video for making a pair of earrings — click here for that video.

Meanwhile, here you go — two videos.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you enjoyed them, please feel free to “like” me on Facebook and/or leave a comment below.  🙂

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