Odd Count Peyote Tutorial – The Odds are in Your Favor

Bracelet "Confetti Fun"

Bracelet “Confetti Fun”

If you’ve been trying to find an odd count peyote tutorial with some cool projects, sit tight — I’ve got something for you!  But before we talk about the projects, let’s talk about odd count peyote versus even count.

Even count peyote is a beadweaving stitch that is usually one of the very first that people learn, when getting into beading.  It’s easy and there are no funky “extra steps” like you might see in square stitch or right angle weave.  No doubt about it, even count is straightforward.  But there’s a problem — you can’t make a project with a centered design.

Odd count peyote does allow a centered design, and gives you greater freedom of design.  The problem?  On odd-number rows, there is a funky turn that can be frustrating to learn (but easy once you’ve mastered it).

(Actually, there’s an easy way to do that turn — more about that in a minute.)

There be Dragons! Bracelet

There be Dragons! Bracelet

The point is this – by learning odd count peyote, you expand your beading world.  Not to mention, you can do some pretty cool projects!

About the Tutorial

So, what about this tutorial?  First, you get three main projects, with alternate ideas as well.  The three bracelets you’ll learn to make are:

  • Confetti Fun:  This bracelet is a starting point to mastering odd count peyote.  You learn how to do odd-count with an easy pattern that lets you become confident with that odd-row turn!
  • Slither:  Slide into the world of odd count peyote using two-hole beads.  To make a pun, it’s a “hole” new way of looking at (and working with) odd count.  Every time I wear this bracelet, I get compliments on it!  You’ll learn two ways to make this bracelet, with additional ideas as well.
  • There be Dragons!:  Get ready to try your hand with two hole triangle beads, which gives the impression of a dragon’s scales.  Also learn to accent your bracelet with a Czech button, for a clasp that truly compliments the bracelet.
Slither Bracelets

Slither Bracelets

You will be able to adapt what you learn in any bracelet to any other bracelet.  Do if you like the clasp on one, with embellishments like one of the others, you’ll be able to mix and match.

And you will learn the easy way to make the odd-row turn!

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The cost of the tutorial is just $9, and you get 47 pages and 86 photos, most of them very close up — you see exactly where you need to put your needle and beads!

(If you are reading this on a translated page, please know that this tutorial is written in English.)

Note:  This book is in PDF form, and is only available by downloading.  However, you get this ebook immediately after purchasing — you will see a link on your invoice, and you’ll also get an email with the same link.  The file is about 2 MB in size.

I created this ebook all by myself — I took the photos and wrote all the text.  Good or bad — it’s all mine, LOL!  (I hope that you consider it very good though.)

I do my absolute best to over-deliver and give you an excellent value for your money.
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